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Drunk Monkey
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[3] Andrew McMahon
[1] Lyric Text
[11] Lost (mostly actors)
[1] David Cook
[4] Jamie Bamber
[1] Kellan Lutz
[3] Michelle Branch
[3] Highlander
[1] Bethany Joy Galeotti
[2] Books
[1] Final Fantasy VIII
[1] Final Fantasy VII (cosplay)
[15] Entries for severalplums, including Justin Timberlake, Kirsten Dunst, and more

Let's fight crime with mangoes and limes and join the PGA.Collapse )

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...I haven't posted icons since September. Holy crap, Batman. Most of these are icons made to go with playbys in the games I play/the story I just finished, lol.

Mostly catching up, and icons from a wonderful comm known as severalplums. It's an icon challenge in which the winner posts a tutorial for their winning icon. It's pretty fun ^_^

[13] Andrew McMahon
[2] William Beckett
[6] Blake Lively
[18] Chad Michael Murray
[4] David Cook
[1] Dresden Files (quote)
[9] Harry Potter (mostly actors)
[4] One Tree Hill
[2] Matt Czuchry
[1] Michelle Branch
[1] Robert Pattinson
[2] Heroes
[1] Vanessa Carlton
[9] severalplums entries - including: PotC, Scarlett Johansson, stock photos, and more!

[1] Andrew McMahon
[1] David Cook

So give me the words and I'll say them like I mean it.Collapse )

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Current Music: The Feeling "Sewn"

Um... so yeah. This post is mostly just emptying out what's been on my harddrive(s) over the past few months, some of it even older than that. The longer I wait, the worse this post is going to get.

[4] Andrew McMahon
[1] What Not to Wear
[1] Pink
[1] Sophia Bush
[1] Kingdom Hearts II
[3] Firefly
[6] Alan Tudyk
[4] Chad Michael Murray
[2] Gangs of New York
[2] Harry Potter
[2] Nicole Kidman
[5] Jensen Ackles
[2] Matt Czuchry
[2] Highlander
[1] Angelina Jolie
[3] Lost
[13] Michelle Branch
[2] Star Wars

[1] Matt Czuchry
[1] Jensen Ackles
[4] Michelle Branch

I won't go home without you.Collapse )

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icons100: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - General TV icon challenge
Artist: mono_borracho
Icons Completed: 100/100 FINISHED

The sun goes down... I feel the light betray me.Collapse )

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[4] Michelle Branch
[4] Lost
[3] Firefly
[3] Jude Law
[1] Karl Urban
[4] Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[1] One Tree Hill
[1] Amy Lee
[2] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
[1] Jensen Ackles

[1] Michelle Branch
[1] Chad Michael Murray

...We miss you.Collapse )

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Current Music: Fall Out Boy "Homesick at Space Camp"

[23] Lost
[1] Chad Michael Murray
[1] Final Fantasy X-2
[1] Kingdom Hearts II
[1] Wedding/Bridal
[1] Chronicles of Narnia

So pull me from that pedastal, I don't belong there.Collapse )

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[5] Highlander
[7] Shadow Hearts: Covenant
[3] Chad Michael Murray
[12] Lost
[6] Advent Children
[3] MMPR
[1] Jude Law
[4] Firefly
[5] Michelle Branch
[3] Scarlett Johansson
[6] Misc. Text

But I won't fall for it next time.Collapse )

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Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: Armor for Sleep "Remember to Feel Real"

[5] Adam Brody
[13] Lost
[13] Chad Michael Murray (100icons bases and alternates)
[2] One Tree Hill
[5] Sophia Bush
[5] Harry Potter
[3] Heath Ledger
[2] Julia Stiles
[2] Shadow Hearts II: Covenant
[2] Final Fantasy VIII
[2] Final Fantasy X
[3] Madonna
[1] Michelle Branch
[1] Pee-Wee Herman (requested by drownedworld000 )
[4] Raven Simone
[2] Reese Witherspoon
[2] Scarlett Johannson

But if you left it up to me, every day would be a holiday from real.Collapse )

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Current Music: Jack's Mannequin "Holiday From Real"

100icons: 100 Chad Michael Murray icons by mono_borracho
Counter: 100/100 COMPLETE

These are my dreams...Collapse )

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Current Music: Staind "So Far Away"

HUGE icon update. A good chunk of these icons were made for characters in the oblitesco RPG, so that's why some of the file names might be off.

[12] Lost
[10] Julia Stiles
[4] Chad Michael Murray
[4] Heath Ledger
[4] Nicole Kidman
[2] Goblet of Fire
[3] Dark Shadows
[3] Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[4] Final Fantasy VI
[1] Michelle Branch
[3] MMPR/Dino Thunder
[2] A Cinderella Story
[4] Desperate Housewives (suggested by drownedworld000)
[1] Andrew McMahon/Jack's Mannequin

[1] Chad Michael Murray
[1] Heath Ledger

Maybe they're seeing something we don't, darling...Collapse )

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Current Music: Bonnie Raitt "Something to Talk About"
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